Four Twenties

April 20, 2020

4:20am/pm on the 20th of April in a year that ends in 20 happens only once in a lifetime for the average human.

Today is that auspicious day for my generation.


If you don’t know what 420 signifies for some weird reason, here’s a link.

Unfortunately, due to the covid-19 pandemic, the majority of gatherings and celebrations have gone up in smoke. A lot of us have been looking forward to this event since high school. The symbolism of taking pot at 4:20 on 20/4/2020 (also, note the inscription consists of four ‘twenties’) means a lot in the cannabis community and we cannot stop but feel a missed opportunity.

Hypothetically, if the situation were fine and traditions went on as usual, I am sure a lot of us, including me, would not care too much about this event. But due to the historical significance of this year, every subsequent 420 on April 20th will bear the shadow of something I couldn’t experience. Being high AF at 4:20:4, 20/4/2020. Also, notice there’s FOUR twenties. sigh

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